European Interior Trend In 2017


Forget colour, it is all about the textures this year. As many different types as possible can be employed in one room and they can be as plush as you like as well.

Try layers of textures on top of each other, like an armchair with thick, sponge like cushions, being topped with blankets and maybe crotchet coverings.

Also, think about things like pleats and deep, soft buttoned velvets, strewn with other velvety textures.



Minimising the footprint in your room, doesn’t have to mean doing without the stuff you need.

Whether it is modular furniture, that can be folded into itself, or extending dining tables; we like things that can be easily tucked away when they are no longer needed.

Kitchen islands with foldable hoods, chairs which extend and coffee tables that fold and unfold, are top of our lists for 2017.



The look of a faux sheepskin rug, or pretend leather, are all on trend this year and could also help you save money on the real thing.

Fake wooden effect beams, are a lot cheaper than the real thing and the same principal can be applied to other materials.



If it is one thing to accessorise or brighten up your walls this year, it is the decorative use of butterflies.

It is not just children’s rooms that you have to confine this visual effect to – you could use a stencil of butterflies anywhere, within reason.

Alternatively, if that seems a little bit too arty, simply a framed print of one could help embellish your walls.



Wall prints and wallpaper are both back in style this season and if you are struggling for a design to pick, we would suggest the use of tropical leaf print motifs.

These add a relaxing, as well as natural element, to any rom.

Don’t want wallpaper? How about a matching set of three prints, these are far more subtle, but still add that rainforest note.



As we said, wallpaper is back in fashion and the good thing is that your patterns do not all have to match!

If you plump for the floral look, you can afford to experiment with a few different ones.

One chair, for example, can easily take more than one printed pattern on it.

We think the layered effect of differing floral prints, on one armchair can look charming and is reminiscent of Victoriana.